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How does the mx-7 specification compare with Zaurus

There are several models of Zaurus, I am familiar with the original SL-5000D model.

The mx-7 is quite a bit smaller.

The mx-7 screen is slightly smaller than the Zaurus whilst having the same pixel resolution.

The rechargeable battery of the Zaurus is rated with a slightly higher capacity than the mx-7 (later Zaurus models have even bigger batteries)

The mx-7 has builtin speaker. The Zaurus did not (newer models of Zaurus have)

Not sure about built-in microphones.

Zaurus has a built-in thumb-board.

Zaurus has more buttons including a directional pad.

The Zaurus has a CCFL front light whereas the mx-7 has LED back-light.

The Zaurus has SD/MMC and CF expansion but no system expansion connection, the mx-7 has SD/MMC and system expansion but no CF.

The Zaurus has a combination socket for stereo out, mono out + mic, or just mono mic. The mx-7 has some kind of microphone capability, built in speaker and stereo out socket.

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